Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Modding/Upgrading Marantz CD50 - part 3

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This part is dedicated to player's clock!
The one and only mighty clock that everyone is talking about so much.

My personal opinion is that it really matters. But it matter in a way that it has a separate power supply with separate transformer.
Yes there is difference between a clock for 40$ and for 200$ but that difference is not as much as everyone thought.
If your cd player costs 100$ there is no point spending 200$ for a new clock, a 40$ bucks clock will do a perfect job. And yes - if your whole system is an expensive one (over 4000$) it's most probably that you will hear a noticeable difference between cheap and expensive clocks.

But let's focus in our case on a 40$ bucks clock right away from eBay (Hong Kong seller).

First thing (I've already mentioned it) is that you must use a separate transformer. A [email protected] output is perfect choise. Small and producing enough current.
You must know that correct and stable voltage is the more important than the current produced by the transformer (of course we should have enough at least the minimum required mA).

First let me show you what I ordered from eBay for 36$ (including shipping)

I must admit that this clock is worth every cent even though it is cheap one!

Now you can see how I have installed it within the Marantz cd player

To connect it you should first remove the old crystal along with the two capacitors bounded with it and connect the new clock at the XIN pin of the receiver chip. Please see the photo for better understanding.

Woala! You are ready, set and go! :) Plug in all the cords from the amplifier and power line and listen!

An hour after installing the new clock I decided to upgrade all capacitors in the power supply. So here are some picture describing it.

Done for now! :)


  1. hi,

    I've tried the clock upgrade following your guide but now I only get random noise with just a tiny little bit of music in the background. Do you have any idea where would be the issue?

  2. Hi,

    Have you removed the old crystal and the 2 capacitors that go with it?

  3. the ground doesn't have to be connected?

  4. can i connect the output pin of the clock somewhere else?

    1. Nope. You should connect the clock to the XIN pin of the chip. Check the chip datasheet to verify which pi you need.

      Also make sure that your new clock module is working at all with oscilloscope.

      The ground from the clock is not so important. You can try connecting it to the fround of the player. Find some point near the chip.

  5. Anonymous7:21 AM

    This page is the simplest yet the most effective. Very helpful.
    - Jay

  6. Hi Svilen,
    can you indicate to which points in need to connect the clock in marantz cd 50.
    the xin pin is clear but it is not clear which point is the ground? can you help me with this please?

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