Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Modding/Upgrading Marantz CD50 - part 2

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Almost 2 months ago I made a stunning mod to my Marantz CD50 player.
Later on I decided to make some additional changes after my satisfaction with the first mod.

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1) AC RFI filter to the 220V power line right before the transformator.

AC power stealing points for the RFI Filter

I have used a well known schema which is really working and you will hear difference.
The L1/L2 windind is actually two wires wound tightly around one ferrite air core together 10-15 times (not like on the drawing, but both wires side by side ).

RFI filter installed in the CD Player

2) Switching to Blackgate capacitors around the op-amps ( I managed to found a couple of good old Blackgate F caps 470uf/25V from ebay. Checks with my ESR meter show that they were perfect. )

Here a picture of the already installed Blackgate capacitors and the AC line RFI filter

3) Change all Oscons with Sanyo Oscon SEPCs
4) Change all other capacitors in digital with tantalum caps

At the end the result was very suprising.
I was not sure if there will be any different with the already moded player. But definitly all of these improvement changed the sound in a more natural and pure way.

If you wonder whether to use an AC RFI filter for the power line - please don't! Just install one and you will hear the difference. No more parasite sounds/echoes, no more "Please stop the music, because it drives me a headache after an hour of listening". It really removes all (or at least most) of those noises that the 220V/50Hz catches on its way from the electric company's power stations to our cd player.

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