Wednesday, March 29, 2006

XGL (Linux) vs. Virtue (Mac OS X)

So what do you think?

Which one is better? :)

I personally prefer Virtue. Easier for install and includes everything you may what. Even the biggest idiot can install and use it. No need to know anything specific for your hardware or your system.

Have tried installing XGL? It's kind a mess. So many things you have to do ... compire, recompire... baf, stuff that not everyone knows and even what to know.

Buy MAC and make you life easier ;-).

I made the paging of the results today.

This search engine I wrote a month ago to index the free hosting servers located in Bulgaria, because may of their search engines became payed. Especially - the biggerst one.

Some can help with the google ads? I do need advices about setting up a good ads.