Friday, July 28, 2006

PostgreSQL Fulltext Search

After I decided that mysql's fulltext search is pretty slow I wanted to try PostgreSQL as DB for

In my current company we are successfully using PostgreSQL as a Database for our billing and hosting systems and it's perfect!

So there is a fulltext search extension for PostgreSQL called Tsearch2 (
It wasn't so easy to install it. :) Although everyone says it's almost as easy as playing with your *** :)

Anyway. Finally Tsearch2 is installed.
Test shows that PG isn't much faster and it has no query cache ?!?

I'm going to revert to MySQL unfortunately.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Load Balance

It's becoming harder and harder to handle databg's on one server only.
I started to look for some load balance scheme.

Seems that DNS load balance is the easiest way to achieve a load balance and most popular one.
I am going to try it and then will share my experience.