Friday, May 06, 2011

Open Baffle Speakers

Two months ago I decided it was time to build my own speakers to replace my KEF Cresta 3 speakers in my bedroom.

I made a reseach on how to build my speakers, what kind, shape they have to be and I got onto Open Baffle design.
So I started doing some rough calculations and measures at the places I will want to put my new speakers and below is a sketch of my upcoming speakers I am building right now!

Front Panel/Baffle

Side View

Back Baffle

I forgot to mention that I already knew which drivers I will use and my design had taken in account their size.

So I will use the lovely paper SABA Speakers from 50-ties!
Yes, that right 50 year old speaker drivers with paper membrane are one of the best for all times and the best in its price range for sure! (around 100EUR for a pairs of tweeters and midrange and 100EUR for bass pair)

Look at them. Aren't they are georgeous?

Now it's time to do the carpentry.

I will keep you posted.