Friday, December 23, 2005

WYSIWYG on-line editor

I have just found a new and better than the old HTMLarea editor.

Take a look at it's worth spending time on it ;-)

Just the licence is not so great. You can't use it in your products for free as the HTMLarea, but at least the FCK editor is open source ;-)

notpron after work time

Interesting thing is how someone can press somebody to do something faster :)
Today we had to launch a new feature @work, which was not tested and known to have very serious issues, but ... managers :)
They always know what is best to be done. Anyway, I had to spent some more time (about 12h) @ the office (glaah), but managed to take care of most important things/services and make them work. :) (yupii)

Now trying to pass level 16 of notpron ... I'm sleepy :) can't do it now. I figured out that all levels marked with zero are not important. There numbers have something to do with the username for each level ?!? hm... strange and confusing.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

notpron keys

Here are all of the keys till level 15:

1 level:
just enter

2 level:
change the url to: .../level3.htm

3 level:
change the url to: /true/...

4 level:

5 level:

6 level:

7 level:
change the url to: ... /rediar.htm

8 level:

9 level:

10 level:

11 level:

12 level:

13 level:

14 level:

15 level:


My roomate showed me a very interesting on-line game. It's like a puzzle, but more complex.
The point is to get to the next level, but finding the username and password hidden somehow on the current level page.

I've played till 3am :) and managed to get to the 14 level by now.

Let's see whether I will pass this :).

Oh, the URL of the game? Of course :) -
but do NOT cheat! :) It's not fun. Would be only waste of time ;-).
Believe me!