Wednesday, November 14, 2007

How to play .flac files in iTunes

Everybody that knows me personally is aware that I am an Apple fan, expecially Mac OS X one.
I bought my first Mac laptop 2 years ago and an year ago I had a need to play FLAC music files on my laptop.
Yes it was possible, but as much as I searched for a good OS X music player I couldn't find one better than iTunes. That's why I needed iTunes to play FLAC files.

Finally I found it! :) Although Apple are not going to make it cause they want us to use their ALAC format.

So here's how you can make it work for you:

1. Exit all iTunes and Quicktime applications
3. Drag XiphQT.component (xiph-qt-0.1.8.dmg) to /Library/Components/
4. Drag FLACImport.component (flac_import_0.5b1_p0.1.dmg) to /Library/QuickTime/
5. Drag Clear and Set (set-OggS-0.1.dmg) to your Applications folder
6. Drag you FLAC files and drop them on Set A window will popup to show that all FLAC files have been "converted".
7. Add your "converted" FLAC files to you iTunes
8. Enjoy! :)

Hope it will work for you, too. :)