Sunday, September 12, 2010

Petzl Tikka Plus mod

Last week I was wondering if it's worth buying a new Petzl Tikka XP 2 headtourch.So I decided that I need to see it live first and went to the local shop. Unfortunately I was badly surprised. This new Tikka was heavier, bigger and wasn't producing much more light than my old one - Petzl Tikka Plus.

When I came back home I started reading forum about upgrading Tikka Plus and I saw that most people managed to change the LEDs with some new Ultra bright LEDs from Nichia (Japan) and the result was astonishing.
And as a ex-Technical university student I was eager to try this, too - ordered Nichia GS diodes from and started the test.

Below I am showing some pictures taken during the switch to the new diodes.

1) Here are all the tools I've used and disassembled Tikka.

2) Original Tikka PCB with one LED removed

3) All old LEDs removed.

4) Package from with the new diodes - Nichia GS.

5) Petzl Tikka Plus PCB with Nichia GS diodes installed.

6) Tikka Plus with Nichia GS (on the left) vs Tikka Plus with original diodes (on the right)
You can see that the GS is more warm and slightly better.

*) I could also add that the batteries of the Tikka with Nichia GS were a little bit "exhausted" (I had only 3 new batteries, so I decided to put them on the Tikka Original)

7) Petzl Tikka - Nichia GS diodes vs Petzl Tikka - Original diodes

As a conclusion I could say only - TRY Nichia GS or Nichia DS LEDs!!!

*) Nichia DS should be a little bit warmer than GS, but GS are brighter. Both are great! Do not hesitate to try the DS, too. Difference is really small.


  1. Anonymous9:27 PM

    I am interested in more details on how you managed to remove the battery holder from the front half of the case. It is easy to remove the back part of the case (the part of the case attached to the elastic head band) by popping off the two plastic "straps" off of the small plastic "posts".

    But the battery holder inside of the front half of the case seems to be held in very tightly, either by friction or plastic snaps or both. It also looks like the metal battery terminals hook over the battery holder at opposite corners of the holder.

    Thanks for any advice you can provide.

  2. You have to put a screw driver at the bottom and push a little bit. Do not worry it won't break. It is pretty well made from a good platic. :)

    The battery holder is tightly attached and held by 4 clips, 2 at the bottom and 2 at the top.

    When you want to fit everything altogether first insert the top corder of the battery holder and then push the bottom until it "clicks" right in place.