Saturday, September 25, 2010

Home Made Surge Protector

After my Petzl Tikka upgrade I am continuing with the electro stuff (my new-old childhood hobby).

Two days ago a lightning stroke our neighbours, so it was time for all-in-the-house Surge Protectors so I went to the local hardware shop to buy some.
Unfortunately the cheapest ones costed 13-15$ which is pretty much for me as I needed at least 4 or 5. I already had connection-blocks and I had to add only the protection.

Why not do it myself? Of course I will and it costed around 2$ per piece. What a bargain? Huh?
Yes, that it 2$ per piece. All you need is a proper varistor (in my case 20N391K) and put it into a nice plug.

In short what you need is:
- a new Plug
- a varistor 250V, ~25ns (example: 20N391K)

1) All you need.

1) Initial setup on the varistor inside the Plug.

3) How I added this to a connection-block.

4) Plug is ready lets close it.

5) Plug is close and ready for some tests.

6) I decided to add some image so that I know which plugs are protected already.

Nice job!
3 hours, no more than 10$ and all home connection-blocks are protected from lightning.

Try it but be very careful.
You are working with 220V.
It can kill you if do not take precautions!

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  1. this way of connecting , you can make a nice fire . must be put minimum one fuse !