Monday, October 15, 2012

Yamaha CRW-F1/CRW-3200 - Best CD Audio Recorder

After my LG DVD writer failed recently it came to my mind that I should search for an audiophile CD Recorder to replace my broken one.
That's how I got to know about Yamaha's CD Recorders they've build about 2001-2002 and their AMQR (Audio Master Quality Record) System.

Yamaha's exclusive Advanced Audio Master Quality Recording System is designed to deliver professional quality audio and data recording using conventional 74, 80, 90 or 99 minute CD-R discs. No other CD-RW records audio or data as clearly as the CRW-F1 thanks to Yamaha's Advanced Audio Master System."

The idea behind AMQR is that it makes longer  and better grooves when writing data on the CD layer which transits to better reading by the CD player. And because of that CD Audio format does not have error correction information stored on the CD, the way that lost bits because of poor recording (or scratch) are recovered are not so good. But with AMQR they do not need to recover anything since CD readers aka CD played will read everything!

Here are similar models that support AMQR:

Yamaha CRW-F1
Yamaha CRW-3200
Yamaha CRW-2200
Yamaha CRW-70
Plextor Premium 2 (this one uses Yamaha's AMQR technology, too)

And remember these can be found only second hand. :)

Have fun!


  1. Anonymous10:16 AM

    Чуваема ли е разликвата или само хипотетична :) ? На 1-ва скорост хубав носител се пише почти със същото качество , а относно error correction-a си е почти магия там :)


  2. Според мен е чуваема. :)
    Определено няма нормална компютърна записвачка, която да е стабилна на запис на 1ва скорост. (много са малко и само про едишъни).
    Дори тази Ямаха е най-стабилназа запис при 4x.
    (говоря за физическа стабилност на диска, от която зависи и качеството на записа/прогорените писти)

    Мога да предоставя AMQR записан диск за тест.


  3. I guess, that nowadays nobody uses CD recorders. It was popular for about fifteen years ago. In present days, everyone uses SD-cards.