Monday, April 23, 2012

A Lab PSU (Power Supply)

Two years I was wondering which Laboratory Power Supply to buy. I looked over Agilent and some Musteks, but most of them are expensive for me.

Now I decided to build one functional and cheap. What I do need:

- 3A max current
- 0-30V variable voltage
- variable current

Here is the choosen schematic. After reading on the forum I saw that the schematic has big issues fortunately a friend from out Bulgarian Audiophille Forum has made good work and I just got his PCB error free.
This is his website go and check the real deal

I added a termocontroller with a fan because the module can quickly overheat with this small sink I have for the main power transistor if you push it a lot.



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  2. I am glad, that you added pictures to the article. I guess, everyone will agree, that it really helps to understand the process better.