Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Starting a Headphones Tube Amp project

A month ago I found 4 tubes 6n1p in my stuff, so I decided to use them. But what's the best thing you can use 4 russian tubes - of course, a headphone amp. And I do need one now since I am listening to music on headphones almost 5-6 hours per day.

I found a pretty good schematic for 6n1p headphone amp here (http://gilmore2.chem.northwestern.edu/projects/showfile.php?file=bender_prj.htm) by Bruce Bender.
I ordered all parts that I was missing and here are they.

Like most people I need my drug to get some inspiration and motivation for work - Jelibon beans. :)

I made the power supply for heaters and anodes.

These are the 3 x 6n1p tubes. They are small but should be efficient.


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