Wednesday, March 03, 2010

XMPP Web Chat

Recently I had to develop a scalable web chat which should be compatable with normal chat software like Aduim, Miranda, etc.
I decided to use a XMPP server and I liked Brad Fritzpatriks Djabberd because it's easy scalable, memory optimized (300k+ connection in only 1GB RAM), written in Perl (one of the languages I am familiar with) and easily customizable.

All went okay during the tests with Adium and PSI and I managed to complete the custom modules in just two days.

But then there was the last part - web chat system integration. I stoped my attention to JwChat looks nice and has a Facebook alike bar aka iJabBar.

And here begins the Hell ...

All web based XMPP chat clients use so called HTPP-Binding ot Polling for communication (aka BOSH) to connect to Jabber server and Djabberd has no plugin for that. Sure at first I thought I can write one but ... isn't there anything already done? ... and no, there is nothing.

I started searching for a compromise solution and I went over JabberHTTPBind and Punjab. Both unreliable and buggy. Both tested on Mac OS X and Linux. At first I tried to fix JabberHTTPBind which is written in Java, but unfortunately I am not so experienced in Java programming to fix everything and XML parsing bugs left.
Punjab on the other hand is written in python which I am familiar with but after 4 hours of debugging and trying to fix it's XML parser, too, finally I gave up.

Now, after posting this I will go and write a working XMPP BOSH script using libevent and based on phpDaemon (asynchronous PHP framework). I am starting to think like Brad (formerly SixApart's guy and now working for Google) - if there is no solution or everything out there just sux, do write your own and do it well.

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