Wednesday, May 13, 2009 (aka

Few weeks ago we launched new design of along with new features and the whole core rewritten and moved to SFrameWork.

SFrameWork is my own PHP framework born in 2006 (some internal classes date from 2005). It is fully MVC and I am thinking of publishing a open source project at SorceFourge. Some of you may find it useful.

Some of the new key features of

- Implemented Sphinx search engine (it's very very fast and efficient compared to MySQL build-in fulltext index)
- New design
- New statistics: most popular searches, most recent searches, random seaches
- Added new data sources, along with the old rock solid one -
- Truly enabled cyrillic support for search queries
- Sort by list columns (just click on column name, e.g. filename, filesize, date)
- Categories trasferred to tabs

I hope these will help you for better experience while using

And I would like to thank to all the people involved in some way in this new release of - Georgi, Evgeni, Nikolay, Marian, Dimitar (Co-founder and owner of the domain name)

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