Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Jobs vs. Gates

Recently I bought a new MacBook. It's incredible. I admire Apple how they make their products. Those guys have thought almost of everything that man can want from their new notebook. :)

It has a remote control, too. So very much cool. :) I will post some photos tomorrow or so, but before that look at this funny video about Bill Gates & Steve Jobs :).


  1. So how is it, your new MacBook I mean?
    And can you tell us more aboutthe compatibility issues with Microsoft Windows, because my desktop is running on MS WINDOWS XP SP2, and I really don't know what notebook to buy, having in mind there is going to a lot of data transfer of various file formats between the two computers.

    Write individually if you like, at [email protected]



  2. I have just check my blog after a couple of months and I found you post.

    I am pretty satisfied with my MacBook and I have no problems migrating from Windows XP to Mac OS X (Tiger).