Friday, December 23, 2005

notpron after work time

Interesting thing is how someone can press somebody to do something faster :)
Today we had to launch a new feature @work, which was not tested and known to have very serious issues, but ... managers :)
They always know what is best to be done. Anyway, I had to spent some more time (about 12h) @ the office (glaah), but managed to take care of most important things/services and make them work. :) (yupii)

Now trying to pass level 16 of notpron ... I'm sleepy :) can't do it now. I figured out that all levels marked with zero are not important. There numbers have something to do with the username for each level ?!? hm... strange and confusing.


  1. Anonymous5:04 AM

    its not ramdon/shit




    [email protected]

  2. Anonymous12:15 AM

    my previous post was in regards to the riddle online.... your had posted a clue "ramdon/shit" in your blog.. You had made a type and that caused me to lose about 5 min,, lol.,
    I finally figured out that you meant to type "random" not "ramdon"..

  3. Heh, sorry :)

    I've finally corrected the mistake