Thursday, December 29, 2005


I'm working on my new gallery tool. I want it to be:
- db independent
- have search engine
- not to have pregenerated thumbnails
- easy to use (e.g. upload images through ftp or web form)
- easy install

So I've decided to use SQLite for certain file db. This way there will be no need for a mysql or any other TCP/IP comm. database.
Why SQLite? Good question! :)
First it's PHP5 embedded, easy to use, have the same SQL query syntax and the most interesting is that when you want to move your project all you have to do is to copy the db files. :) Perfect when you easy install (move to another server).
And still the SQLite is quite fast when we use about 25k rows per table. But we should use TRANSACTIONS for fast multiple inserts (as usual).

For the thumbnails I found this I think it will be good enought for the task.

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